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Poe & Mathews: A Misadventure in the Middle of Nowhere

P&M Website Title PictureIn this absurd comedy, Edgar Allan Poe washes ashore on a deserted island with an unknown and dim-witted contemporary, Cornelius Mathews. Poe tackles the 8 stages of grief as his sanity wanes and he traverses his tenuous bond with this loveable oaf. Poe faces his eminent doom in this unexpected tale of friendship and disaster, an adventure full of physical comedy, literary whimsy, and sly wit.


Show Credits:

Developed & Written by Brian Kuwabara, Emily Windler
Characters Created by Brian Kuwabara, Genesee Spridco, Emily Windler



Edgar Allan Poe: Emily Windler
Cornelius Mathews: Brian Kuwabara


What People Have Said:

“Murderously funny” – Winnipeg Free Press

“Exquisite silliness” -The Charlebois Post

“A tight display of physical comedy”-Vue Weekly

Poe and Mathews may introduce a new comedy concept: Literary clowning!” – Orlando Sentinel

“Laurel & Hardy with a bit of Chaplin (circa The Great Dictator) thrown in for good measure.”- Edmonton Journal


Watch this teaser for Poe and Mathews: a Misadventure in the Middle of Nowhere!


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